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    i thoght i would start a build thread that for once may acully get finished this is gpms tatra railcar which i picked up from the closing spi shop this is the new 3 variation kit not the older single version there is not 3 kits here just 3 different bodys the origonal polish a german un-armed and the great looking Czech version this is were i am at so far the wheels/chassis and engine box complete

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  2. Dragos

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    Cool !!!
    I'm waiting to see the progress

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    gubbins! everthing done but the foot pedals there are lots of big holes in this vehicle doors,hatches etc so care has to be taken over the interior as its all very visable it has two drivers positions for either direction the center seat is for the gunner/observer/radio operator depending on the variant

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    i began work on the outher shell and completed the foot pedals onlly to find.......there is a misprint on the Czech version with the whole corner missing this is not a real loss as im going to now build the german variant(the re-paints are much better than the origonal polish ) but its anoying after painting all those edges:curse: it something gpm needs to address

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    this is the german "shell" this variant lacks a gun but has a radio and extra armor this kit goes together very well no misfits at all the only thing that i had to work around was that several detail went under the extra armour plate so i glues an extra layer of card to the reverse of these parts and left gaps for the small parts(hinges,ariel poles)on the real version these parts are all under the plate the model has a very subtle weathering paintjob so i added a lighter rust/dirt tone on the lower parts of the vehicle i could also have done with making the running bords a bit thicker they look a bit flimsy to hold the weight of a german soldier:mrgreen:

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    last update for this morning added thread for the ariel bit more weathering..apolagies to anyone with a slow internet conection theres alot of photos here:oops:

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  7. Dragos

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    Thoose wires are also on the polish kit? I've seen the other Tatra drasines build and they don't have the "instalation"
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    That's some very nice looking, clean work, Nullmoon!:thumb:

    Really nice job so far! Patiently waiting for more!:twisted:

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    Great looking work Nullmoon.

    Please keep it coming. :thumb:


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    headlamps and a few more hull details the headlamps took 3 hours to buildhamrso this is a small update its starting to look like a real vehicle now

    dragos..as far as i know the wires were only on the german conversion of the tatra they removed the guns and installed a radio it was seen as a failure when it was introduced it had a underpowered engine and had problems with traction it was concived as a scout vehicle the germans decided much better use could be made of it with a radio to relay information back to its parent train rather than having to escape from a confrontation and return information itself

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    completed turrent and a few smaller hull details and the final completed model +base:mrgreen:

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    this thread hasnt generated much interest the tatra being one of those obscure little vehicles nobodys heard of so i hope ive done something to give it a bit of attentionaussieoverall its a real easy kit and a worthy buy the only problem that surfaced was a corner missing from one of the parts on the Czech variant due to misprinting i dont think it would have gone to far to expect gpm to issue this kit with the possiblity of making 3 seperate models

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  14. cgutzmer

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    WOW! That has some great clean lines. Very nice work you have there :D

    Thanks for sharing and looking forward to more!

    *edit* like the thread work! Did you paint the thread after it was attached? Looking at the top light specifically. :)
  15. dansls1

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    Looks really nice!

    NULLMOON Member

    top light is 10lb fishing line it wont corner unless it was really tight so i used polyester thread for the rest of the "rigging" as its not fluffy like cotton thread but still goes around corners sharply painting makes thread look clumpy so i used a sepia color i only painted the fishing line post assembly the lights are a tin foil cone with a silica ball as a lightbulb(silica ball from the little bags that come in things and say "do not eat"...........:p) its an idea i spotted in another build thread i really dont like "fake" glass:mrgreen:
  17. JackFrost

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    Nice build NullMoon , clean and sharp:mrgreen: love the way the lamps turned out
  18. cjwalas

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    Very nice build! I did the earlier version, but as you mentioned, the newer options look better. Well done!
  19. B-Manic

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    A very unusual vehicle and a great build I enjoy following it.
  20. josve

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    Those lamps really did it!!
    Really great work!!

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