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Discussion in 'Armory & Military' started by charliec, Feb 11, 2004.

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    Of course not, we've been waiting for your building report. I think it's really great of you to offer. :twisted:

    The site isn't there at the moment but then Kenneth Tyler has been noted for his come-backs in the past - so "watch this space".

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    Expect it some time in 2006 Maurice - after the KS-1, T-70 rebuild, finish the T-38, maybe a KV-1/2 and a couple of Web Portals as well.

    The tanks2scale site certainly isn't really stable - I got the files down ages ago and I look the printout every so often (and sigh).


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    The site for the tanks2scale models isn't accessible via the Wiki links - but after a bit of poking around in the site I found you can get to the Panther and other incomplete models by using the search term "cardmodel" in the search function on the page:

    The search comes up with a list of hits including download pages for the Panther models. This mightn't last long - this site's stability is similar to a 2 ton(ne) blancmange (blamange) supported on 3 metres of scaffolding - but it's available now (16/9/04).


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    Hi Charlie

    Just been to the site and got the download by doing the search, links came up as you say. It looks a great and the instructions look very detailed.

    I think I will have a go at this soon. I will need the instructions and hints from your build thread :lol:

    Thanks for the link


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    I wish there was a build thread for the Tanks2scale Panther. Maurice dropped me in it by suggesting I write up a build thread. I think I'd have to get more building experience (and more time) before I tackled the tanks2scale Panther - it's probably at least as challenging as Halinski's Panther and I know I'm not ready to tackle that yet.

    There are a couple of things I picked up about the tanks2scale Panther:

    - I think it might run into a problem with the suspension swing arms they are glued onto the outside of the hull rather than taken through the hull plates to carry the twisting loads of the roadwheels. The net effect probably will be that the roadwheels will not sit straight due to deformations in the hull sides. Jim Nunn ran into this one on his Halinski Panther build and fixed it by using small dowels to locate the swing arms on the hull sides. On the positive side the tanks2scale swing arms are pretty accurate but Halinski's aren't.

    - I'm not sure the tracks are really doable for normal modellers - I think the Halinski tracks might be more tedious to build but give a better result.

    - The tanks2scale model represents an "as delivered" Panther A. At that time (1943) the factories delivered the tanks in dark yellow and the operational units were given the green and red brown paints to finish the camouflage to suit local operational conditions. If you wanted to represent an operational Panther you'd have to add the camouflage pattern as well as unit markings.



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