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Discussion in 'Getting Started' started by baules, Mar 1, 2005.

  1. baules

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    I have a problem with my six axle engines PRoto 2000 SD-24s when going through a closed turnout. They buck and occassionally jump the track. My four axle engines do not. The tracks are clean it almost seems as if they are trying to throw the switch, but they also buck when going through the switch in reverse? Any simple solutions?
    Thanks in advance,
  2. nachoman

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    What brand of turnouts are these? Are they #4s or #6 or larger? Does it only happen when you are running through the straight track or the diverging track? My first thought is that something might be out of gauge...

  3. Russ Bellinis

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    If you have Atlas turnouts, is it all of your turnouts, or just one? Atlas uses stamped sheet metal points, and I've found them to go out of gauge very easily. The sheet metal points will "lay" over under the weight of the locomotive and drop the lockey in the gravel.
  4. baules

    baules New Member

    More information

    The turnouts are Atlas #6 Code 83 turnouts. Thanks.
  5. SAL Comet

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    Some atlas turnouts don't leave enough room for the inside of the wheel flanges to pass the gaurd rail and the wing rail of the frog without "riding up" on top of one or the other.The six wheel trucks make it more of a problem, You can file the outside of the gaurd rail(the side next to the stockrail) to get a little more clearance. If you run a loco as slow as you can and look closely, you can see this happen. hth
  6. brakie

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    baules,Please correct me if I am wrong..But you said:I have a problem with my six axle engines PRoto 2000 SD-24s when going through a closed turnout.
    Now,IF that switch(turnout) is closed then you are running through a close switch and the engines will buck and try to open that switch like you noticed.I am surprised your four axle units isn't doing the same IF you are running through a close switch..
    Of course a six axle unit will find any flaws in track work faster then a four axle.
    So,let's look at the switch..Is the points closing all of the way? Any ballast or other foreign matter under the switch points causing them to stick up? Is the points in gauge?
    I am sure your problem is solvable. BTW..Can you take a pix of your switches?
  7. revandy

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    Thats interesting, it appears that if a problem is going to occur, the biggest percentage of the time its the switch or switches that are the culprit.
    Rev. Andy

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