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    I will have over 10 switches in my yard. I am planning on having them hand controlled as switch machines are to expensive for a yard. Now I was planning on using caboose industries hand throws. I have heard of people using nscale throws for HO, is this possible? And would I need to use the throw with contacts. Or can the switch be power routed with regular throws?:cry:
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    Re: Switch Throws...

    Depends on brand or turnouts you're using. New Shinohara are all- power turnouts. This makes your problem easy, but if you want to isolate tracks you need simple on-off switches to those tracks. I've used HO C.I. hand throws for years. Careful using "N" gage throws, they might not move the required distance to meet tracks.
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    Caboose Ind. lists the travel for their throws on the website http://www.cabooseind.com/pr1.html . The sprung N scale has .135 inches of travel, you could measure your turnout and see if that was enough.

    I use them on my layout and I like them. The ones with contacts are a bit bulky. Power routing turnouts would be a lot easier to set up then wiring up all the contact switches

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