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Discussion in 'FAQs' started by Carson_railroad, Feb 18, 2005.

  1. Carson_railroad

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    I am back into railroad, thanks to a spouse providing me with space. Got some used track from various sources and running into a little problem.

    I have a wye, in scale HO, code 83, and it looks like the switch bar which is manual is bent and I think it should be replaced. Now looking thru my 2005 Walthers catalogue I can't find (either it not there or I don't know the proper name for it) anyway can a person replace that part or is it a total replace the wye.

    I always thought this hobby was mainly kits, with all the rolling stock who needs kits, but in this situation, know where to look for parts, and taking the time and patience a person should be able to repair this turnout.

    Any and all replies will be appreciated.

    Thanks - John from Surrey, BC, Canada
  2. CalFlash

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    Not sure about what you mean by switchbar. Are you talking about the piece that links the points (the two rails that move back and forth) ? If so, you could remove the remenants of the old one and use a piece of PC board and solder the point rails to it. You may or may not want to cut a gap thru the copper between the points depending on how your turnout is wired. DCC recommendations are usually to do so.

    Matter of fact, you might be able to find pics of this on some of the DCC sites esp Alan
    Gartner's DCC Wiring http://www.wiringfordcc.com/wirefordcc_toc.htm#Table
  3. cidchase

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    Hi John and welcome to The Gauge :wave: :wave:

    Can you tell which manufacturer made the turnout?
  4. SteamerFan

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    I belive he's refering to the throwbar, try here: http://www.troutcreekeng.com/bkho.html

    they have a throwbar(2 in a pack) for $3, scroll down to OTHER ITEMS and as you'll see by the page, Kit's are not dead, even for rails and turnouts.

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