Supermarine Attacker

Discussion in 'Kit Reviews' started by rkelterer, Feb 18, 2004.

  1. rkelterer

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    hi folks,

    the first pictures are repetition. now new will follow.

    nobi's design is clear, easy and fit together excactly. I recommend this modell to every newcomer. I did a test build on the pakistan version.

  2. rkelterer

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  3. rkelterer

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    straightforward ...
  4. rkelterer

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    the rest of the fuselage
  5. Ashrunner

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    It looks to be going together nicely. NOBI's designs do fit well. Keep up the great photo review. I can't wait to see the finished model.
  6. JRSeese

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    Since you are being kind enough to post a step-by-step pictorial of the construction, hopefully you will indulge a beginner's questions.

    I have limited experience with fuselage modeling; wondering, how do you keep the formers so strictly perpendicular with the skin? I take it there is glue around the perimeter of the former? When I have taken practice steps with free models the formers always want to slip around and not stay where they belong :?

    I'm sure it's a simple technique I am missing

    Thanks for the pictures, although many frequent fliers might skip ahead I am eating them up. Very educational to the beginning modeler!

  7. rkelterer

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    hi jrseese,

    the formers have to be cut out slightly larger than needed. than they are sanded with a fine grained sandpaper. sand the former as long as it doesnot fit with minimal force. apply the glue inside the segment. the hole in the former should be large enough for your fingers, it does not have to be perfectly round :) move the former to fit the segment-edge, otherwise you will get into troubles when you mount the segments together.

    hope this help, keep on building

    cheers from austria
  8. Maurice

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    Frequent fliers aren't available on Raimund's pictures. :lol:
    We all benefit from them.

    Cheers from Australia
  9. rkelterer

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    hi boys and girls,

    took a long time, not only working on the attacker, but now the brand new ones ..

    cheers from austria
  10. rkelterer

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