Sunday June 10 2007.

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  1. Well here it is sunday again....sign1

    We start off our day just south of Portage Jct. on the Lettlier sub of CN.

    This train is headed to Emerson Manitoba, where it crosses into the US.

    Next stop is St Norbert. Sorry about the tree the train arrived faster than i anticipated.

    And we arrive in St Agathe Manitoba. Here the train is left on the main while they switch a local plant.
    Side shot of 7517

    headed for the industry on the right. This industry has what looks like a GE 25 Ton engine sitting there. But i couldn't get to it today.

    At this point in the day the scanner came alive with the sounds of the elusive GWWD RR. And off we went an hour and 20 minutes drive to find.....NOTHING. But i did find some yards i didn't know existed. So more on that later.

    Parting artsy shot.
  2. RobertInOntario

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    Great pics once again -- the artsy shot is a nice touch too! Rob
  3. MP3CNLettalierSub

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    I get to watch that train go by everyday at work, more often than not the same locos 5370 and 7517. Sometimes there's the rare third engine, or different engines all together, The best I've seen so far was a SD50F and a SD70M-2!

    I always tell my co-workers the loco models, and they think I'm a freak for knowing that information!

    Makes some of them happy when I tell them they're GM's though:mrgreen:

    By the by that's the Letallier sub in my sig, right behind my apartment!
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    Great Pictures.

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