Sulaco in paper at 1/500 scale

Discussion in 'Science Fiction & Fantasy' started by Jan Kytop, May 27, 2010.

  1. Jan Kytop

    Jan Kytop Member

    Just finished : the Sulaco of the download section with the dropship of Aliens site of Jan.









  2. twinslet

    twinslet New Member

    Very nice, Jan. You should be very proud; she's beautiful! The way you're holding her in the first picture reminded me of a story I had read. In it, they said the Sulaco was originally a design for the blaster rifle but, after further deliberation, it became the assault ship. Now I see why. Thanks for sharing you pictures. - Tom
  3. This model looks a bit small to be in 1:500 scale. It should be approx. 144 cm long... just look how much bigger Jans version will become in 1:430.
  4. hawkman67

    hawkman67 Member

    Incredible model!! nice build, looks very sharp, Where can I find it?? I looked in the D/L sectiona dn can't find it.

  5. sheo15

    sheo15 New Member

    Great model! :thumb:
    I like the ships from Alien trilogy.
  6. Elliott

    Elliott Senior Member

    Movies, TV Shows and Games. Third page about halfway down.
  7. hawkman67

    hawkman67 Member

    Right on!! thanks Elliott.
  8. Grimsteruk

    Grimsteruk New Member

    Fantastic model.
  9. Nowhere

    Nowhere New Member

    A very nice model and a clean work.
    Thanks for sharing
  10. jarell

    jarell New Member

    great job, thanks for sharing!
  11. Jan Kytop

    Jan Kytop Member

    Well , in Wikipedia , they say that the length of the Sulaco is 385 meters.
    The length of my model is 75 centimeters.
    So the scale is 1/513.
    Is not it?
  12. marciu11

    marciu11 Member

    Nice work!
  13. RocketmanTan

    RocketmanTan Well-Known Member

    Nicely done, my friend!:thumb: My hands would probably fall off after working on all those small parts sign1
  14. As often with filming miniatures there are different opinions about the length of SF ships. Jan Rukr, who is designing an incredible version in 1:430, takes the also given 735 meter length for true, as I do. Just look at the film and do some math (comparing stuff like the humans, the dropship, the dropship bay and the ship itself), 735 meters works for the Sulaco.
  15. didano

    didano New Member

    Nice work!
  16. KGC

    KGC Member

    Bravissimo, stupendo modello, l'hai realizzato veramente bene!!
  17. aerodyne

    aerodyne New Member

    That's a great looking Sulaco!! That falls into the "Oooooh! Aaaaaah!" category! :woot1:
  18. asmick

    asmick New Member

    Cant wait to try this out. amazing work
  19. Jan she is beautiful. I am glad to see at least one built. Thanks for posting the pictures maybe now I will get the giant one done. Thanks for the insperation.
  20. mick67

    mick67 New Member

    beau taf..maais ou é le lien pour le téléchargé.........................

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