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    My name is jason and I am 12 years old. My dad,44,and I are setting up a N scale layout. The table we made is fit to the corner in my room. it is an L shaped table with arms that measure 80 in. long each. It measures 30 in. from the wall.On the outside edge theres a 4% grade that goes flush along the wall, goes up turns in the corner and goes down the other side. We made a styrofoam mountian in the corner over the turning track We are making it all hands off and are using Magna matic couplers/magnets. Any suggestions for building,bad brands or anything?Weve done HO but are totally new to N.
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    Welcome to the Gauge! :) For Locos Atlas, Kato, the newer Life-Like and the new Bachman series are all good runners. Most Pola, Bachman, Life-Like and Model Power structures are out of scale (closer to HO then N ). Would use Peco code 55 track and medium or large (#6 & #8 ) turnouts myself. Micro-Enginering also has nice track but is harder to work with as it can break easy, also can be hard to find. Atlas track works O.K. but is wayyyyyyyyy out of scale IMHO. Atlas has brought out some code 55 but I haven't been able to find any so I can't comment on it. Good luck and post some pictures of your progress when you get a chance!
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    Hi Jason!
    Some good advice from tyson on the locos...
    If I were you, I'd stick with either Atlas or Peco track...
    I like the structures put out by Walthers...they are nice models, & are easy to assemble.
    Good luck to you my friend, & keep us posted on your progress!

    btw...check out Walthers web can order many different modeling products & supplies from many different mfgs through their catalog &/or web site...

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