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Discussion in 'Getting Started' started by Gary Pfeil, Jul 24, 2005.

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    Moderator, I had no idea where to appropriately post this. HO is too restrictive of audience, it might be operations oriented but it's also scenic related, so I wound up here, please move if you feel appropriate.

    I'm building west on the JGL, and in addition to the 180 degree turnback curve in the background of the photo, this entails the 25' of 16" wide shelf seen, leading into the next room where west end staging is. It is divided roughly in half by a scene with a river. The far side of the river in the photo has a passenger station where the blueprint is taped on the wall, a passing siding long enough for a 20 car freight and a lead off that siding to an industrial area, which also goes around that 180 degree turn and serves several industies on the adjacent peninsula.

    This industrial line also crosses the river on the under construction deck girder in the picture. And there is a three track yard there with a capacity of about 14 ft. Or will be! This yard serves a Pennsylvania railroad interchange asa well as the local industries. The interchange is at the other end of the small yard, where the Penn. passes over the JGL as it goes into staging (or will!)

    The deck girder bridge is a replacement for the old timber trestle, which will be built between the two steel bridges. This does in my mind overcrowd the scene, but the attraction of building a trestle with no rails but with old rusted tie plates and spikes, since these are available for those who wish to build very detailed handlaid track (I tried and my eyes just won't let me, so I have these items available), is just too irrestable. This bridge will be where one single leftover bent from a previous project is supporting a length of flex track just barely long enought to span the gap.

    I'm getting close to asking for advice. This scene is attractive to me in that it will allow me to show traces of what used to be. A line of decrepit old ties will lie from the abandoned trestle to the point where they were oblitherated by the process of realigning the approach tracks to the new bridge. I have a clear picture of this on the far side of the river. On the near side, I am wondering if I could leave some of the original trackage in place for a small serviscing facility. The turnouts whose diverging routes are just visable at the bottom of the photo could just be eliminated and the area where the short piece of crappy flex track is could be weed grown. Slight trace of old ties, etc. Or, I could leave a turnout there, which would connect to a short length of the old line, to park a dedicated loco on, for very minor maintenance or perhaps fueling.

    You need to know the use of this trackage. Freights in either direction will stop in the siding, and drop and pickup cars from the local industies and Pa. interchange. There will be a fair amount of traffic, enough to have a dedicated switcher assigned. This switcher, I'm thinking so far, will remain at site for a week or some other appropriate time period, then return to the division point yard for regular maintenance, being replaced at such times by another loco.

    Here's the question. Can (or should) I utilize the small space in the photo coming off the old trestle for some kind of svc, area, or even some other use? Or do you think it should be just weeds?
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    Here is the photo I failed to attach:

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    Without answering your specific question, I will say that although there is nothing wrong with putting this thread in "General talk", you might have more sucess in "Photo, scenery...." seeing the nature of your subject.

    Any moderator can move it there if that's what you want.
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    Looks like a good fueling siding to me. Old tankcar on stilts or a semi tank truck parked along the siding. put an electric pump next to the tracks, a hose from the tanker to the pump and a hose semi wrapped on a hanger (you can never get hoses to re-coil correctly). Paint the ground brownish to simulate diesel fuel spills. VArying shades of WS rock stains would do fine.

    Unless, you are modeling the steam era. If so, paint he area with grimey black and highlight it with gloss black to simulate crude oil spills. Be generous with crude spill. Nobody cared if they spilled 5 gals of fuel on the ground back then.

    Oh yea, put alot of brown weeds around too.

    A derail, wheel stops or some ties to block any locos from trying to use the rail-less bridge would finish it off nicely.
  5. Ralph

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    "Here's the question. Can (or should) I utilize the small space in the photo coming off the old trestle for some kind of svc, area, or even some other use? Or do you think it should be just weeds?"

    How about leaving weed covered traces of a water tower...just the cement bases where the supporting beams would be..that used to serve locos there?

    By the way, General Talk is fine for this sort of thread but it can be moved if you prefer. Let me know. When I log on I hit the "new posts" button so I'm just as likley to see your thread here as anyplace else. I wonder if most members do this?
  6. ezdays

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    Good question. I never go to "New Posts", always go the each forum to see what's new there. I do the same on all forums I go on, I don't know why, out of habit I guess.
  7. Matthyro

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    I always go to new post first Ralph. Then if I have time I look at most forums
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    I think...

    ...a nice sunken patch of weeds and muck with the rails poking thru and passable. Even some acrylic water, like a swampy meadowland area- so close to the bridges- seems natural that a flooded siding might get abandonned, yet get used for some unathorized switching moves! Just don't let the Super get wind of it!!!

  9. sumpter250

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    I like scenery, so I'd opt for all weeds. I'd also think about the trestle being partly colpased, or disassembled for use as a retaining wall somewhere, or burned. If the area existed now, the deck of the trestle would have to be completely removed to protect the neighborhood kids from "getting hurt" ( liability reduction).
    :D :D
    Which ever choice, I'm sure it will look great!
  10. Gary Pfeil

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    Thanks for the thoughts so far. I left out an important piece of information, I am modeling 1950-52. So one of my questions, perhaps best asked in operations (mental note to self) is what would a real railroad do regarding how it serviced and fueled its locos? If, say the distance to the nearest engine facility was about 50 miles, would the railroad even leave a unit there or just run out and back? I'm thinking my crews will work a single 12 hour shift, from 6 to 6. Is it more likely they would just send out a loco each day from the yard and have it return at the end of the shift? Or save a couple hours by having a local engine. If a typical diesel switcher of the era worked a 12 hour shift, idling mostly, how often would it need refueling? Would it be worth their while to have a makeshift way of fueling? If they did refuel on site, how long would it be before the unit had to return for routine maintenance?

    How about in steam days? Since this is, after all, a recent switch from both use of the old trestle and steam. Pete, the trestle won't be collapsed or burnt, just splintered up ties on a fairly intact structure. A great spot for those who combine railfanning and fishing! Also no concern here for safety beyond the basic. The walkway and most of the railing will be gone. The deck littered with rusty tie plates and spikes, some still stuck in a bit.

    Thanks again and please let me know your thoughts.

  11. liven_letdie

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    RE Bridge Scene


    I don't know if it is too late or too inconvienent but to me the scene would look a lot less crowded and more realistic if the river were askew a little, as in diagonal. I think it would be easier to see the focal point of the fishing bridge if it were like this. You could move the rear bridge furthest towards the camera then the fishing bridge leaving the front bridge in place. Just a thought. I really like this idea though. Perhaps with the right scenery it would look like what you are going for too. I think a refuel station would be great. Depending on what protoype you are modeling depends on whether or not they would send an engine out or if they would have a designated site for it. Like you said the 50's they were phasing out steam refuel stations so it would fit right in to do a well used fueling site here as a last refuge so to speak. Of course in my experience there is a prototype for everything so have fun and enjoy the results! Keep us updated with pics!


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