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Discussion in 'Science Fiction & Fantasy' started by ViperPilot, Sep 21, 2016.

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    I'm trying to decide on what to Build for my 2nd Model; I'm leaning towards the 1/1700 Scale Enterprise-A, but I have a question. While perusing the Search Results for "Starship", I came across this Thread:

    USS Columbia Build

    Down towards the bottom of the Page, there's a Post by spaceagent-9 with a (large) .png of the "USS Ptolemy" that appears to be complete. My question is this... would it be considered out of line if I had this Image printed out, in order to attempt a Build? Or, has this been Uploaded to the Resources area and I just didn't look hard enough?

    I'd appreciate any insights or suggestions you all may have...


    Alan [​IMG]
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    ...I would say..NO... only because it has gone through several peoples hands all ready.. always best to start with the original file! Then an official re-color or up-date and so-forth... as I am not familiar with this model...
    why not message spaceagent-9?
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    I didn't think about that, due to the age of the Original Thread... but I will try.


    Alan :sticktongue:
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    After conversing with spaceagent-9, who provided me with some very nice .pdf's of the 'Ptolemy' (many Thanks again), I started on the Build. I started with the Connecting Dorsal, which was very straightforward. I then proceeded on to the Warp Nacelle, and ended up with this:


    I went ahead and joined the Top & Bottom Parts with a thin strip of regular Copier paper, and once dry, I folded them into shape and used smaller glued strips to reinforce the Joints. I've always been concerned with trying to make the Paper 'curve' into various shapes, especially like the subtle curves present in the LN-64 Nacelle...

    Overall, though... it looks as if the curvature comes pretty close!

    I'll use more strips to attach the other 'side' to the rest of the Nacelle, making sure to go slow, and in small steps.

    Alan [​IMG]
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    Great Start, you can put much bigger pictures and many more if you wish. ;)

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