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  1. Anachron

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    I have a little problem with cutting styrene sheets...

    it says that you should score styrene sheets with a sharp knife on one side and break the sheet on the scored line.
    but when I need to score out hole's for windows, how do I go throu with that?

    I can only bend one line at a time and how do I bend these four lines without damageing the sheet ?

    plz help me :)
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    Thanks for the tip. I always knew there was something I was missing. I just had too much else to worry about at the time to bother looking for a better method.
    Actually, I have always been too @#&% impatient to take the time. After several bad (and I mean real bad) :mad: scratch builds, I have learned to take the time! :D
  4. jon-monon

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    heheh I think learning to relax is a big part of the hobby, and a big benifit too, at least for many of us.
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    I looked at that page and the method I use wasn't there, so here goes. I drill 4 small holes (.060) as close to the four corners as I can. I then connect the holes with a wood chisel used bevel side inward toward the waste. I use just a light tap with the styrene laying on scrap wood. If I do this right there is now only a small radius left in each corner to be filed out square. I have a 1/2, 3/8, and a 1/4 wood chisel that are used only for this purpose only. This also works on thin wood and paper products too. DASH10

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  6. Anachron

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    Ohh yeah! :D

    thanx alot you guys for helping me out

    *grabbs his workbench to start building right away*

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