Stryker APC Anywhere?

Discussion in 'Armory & Military' started by Kjev, Dec 13, 2015.

  1. Kjev

    Kjev Member

    I'm looking for a good papercraft model of a Stryker APC. Color and scale don't really matter, since I can work with those. I've tried hunting the Internet and didn't find much, but modern armor really isn't my specialty.
  2. zathros

    zathros SENIOR Administrator

    That's one I haven't seen. Kind of strange, considering how long they ave been around and how "everywhere" they are. They also come with just about anything mounted on them, even the turrets of Abrams tanks!! Also Howitzers!! Good luck!
  3. Kjev

    Kjev Member

    I was really surprised when I couldn't find one immediately. I've even seen them hauled down the highway on flatbed trailers a time or two. And you're right, there are several variants. The standard APC would work for me.

    My dream car would be to buy one, gut it, and refinish the inside like a luxury RV. And then park wherever I wanted! ;)

    Another one that is tough to find (but I finally found a decent version) is the Bearcat--the one that a lot of SWAT teams are using now (even out here in the back end of Idaho).
  4. Gandolf50

    Gandolf50 Researcher of obscure between war vehicles... Moderator

    You mean something like this? Stryker.jpg and interior... Stryker2.jpg ..never paper got just to complicated with the interior and all to unfold...but if you or some one wants to give it a shot..let me know.
  5. Kjev

    Kjev Member

    OH YES!

    That is one beautiful model!

    I hadn't even considered the interior, but I'm willing to give it a shot!

    Now if I could only find a real one, gut the interior, add a wif-fi hot spot, mini fridge, captains chairs, drop down plasma screen with a video player, charging ports of every shape and size, stereo, and all the other goodies you'd find in a high-end soccer mom mobile, and I'd have a new family car! Or the ultimate man cave/bug-out vehicle.

    In the meantime, though, I'd settle for a paper model. What scale is it?
  6. DanBKing

    DanBKing Active Member

    You forgot to include the PS4 ..... ;) :)
  7. Kjev

    Kjev Member

    We actually don't have video games in our house. It makes it easier to throw the children outside. On the other hand, if I could rig my PC up in there so I could play Starcraft... Now you've got me thinking again. ;)
  8. Gandolf50

    Gandolf50 Researcher of obscure between war vehicles... Moderator

    Never scaled could be any! I stated..sort of put it aside and forgot about it till I saw your it is I have 3dmax - DFX and PDO versions ( I believe thats all currently) so still needs to be made into a paper model! Too much work for me at the moment! If you or someone you know can do the work..let me know...and we can see what can be done..PM me...
  9. Kjev

    Kjev Member

    I'd be willing to try it. I have Blender and Adobe CS4. It would take some learning, but I'm willing.

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