Strausburg Railroad Thefts

Discussion in 'Getting Started' started by davidstrains, Feb 11, 2003.

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    I just received this off the rec.models.railroad list.

    This was posted on another list and should be broadcast to all in the hobby!

    >From the Anthracite List:

    "Last night, thieves forcibly broke in at the Strasburg Rail Road's
    engine house, and took the following items:

    The number plates from engines #31, #90, #475.
    Classification lights from engines #31, and #89.
    1 new classification light.
    6 rear end marker lamps, 4 kerosene, and 2 converted to battery
    1 photograph of engine #89 on the Green Mountain. Side view
    with specifications.
    1 Strasburg Rail Road rule book. Red loose leaf format.
    1 Small (about ½ normal size) locomotive brass bell and yoke.
    1 ICC steam locomotive defect chart.

    They also forced open (and destroyed in the process) a steel door to the back shop, but we haven't spotted anything missing from in there yet.

    It appears that there were two perpetrators in that they left many footprints and tire tracks in the snow. Pennsylvania State Police are investigating. They seemed to have a specific
    "shopping list" in that they took only railfan collectibles, and only specific ones at that.

    We at the Strasburg Rail Road ask for the help of the community to return our property to us, and to bring these criminals to justice. If anyone has any information, please call the Strasburg Rail Road at 717-687-8421."

    need to watch eBay.
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    Unbelievable :mad: - If I hear any more news Saturday - I'll post it.
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    Strip them from being a RR fan for the rest of their lives.

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