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    I'm uncertain as to the best place to post this, as it's useful for almost any scale. It's also a very cheap kitbashing project, sorta.
    If you need to transport your rolling stock or locomotives, or, if you're like me and just need somewhere to store some of the stuff that won't fit on the layout, these easy-to-make storage boxes/carrying cases might be just what you need.



    I think that the pictures are pretty much self-explanatory, but a few words should make it even clearer.
    The best boxes to use are those used to ship fruit and vegetables. Mine are pear boxes, but tomato boxes also work well. The main criteria are that the box be strong, have a closed bottom, and a separate lid that fits over the box itself. The lids on my pear boxes were as deep as the box, so I trimmed them shorter to make them easier to remove.
    The trays are cut from larger boxes (I used appliance boxes) and are assembled using a hot glue gun, with partions added, also using hot glue, to suit each particular piece of rolling stock. I line each spot with a paper towel, and use wadded-up tissues to keep the cars from sliding around. For locomotives, I make the compartments narrower and deeper, storing the equipment standing on its wheels. For storing particularily delicate or difficult to handle equipment, I make each compartment a separate and removeable entity, and leave one side of the compartment unglued. To allow easy access, just remove the compartment, fold down the side, and remove or replace the the rolling stock. I use this technique for storing wreck cranes with their boom cars, with the cars upright.
    Be sure to make each tray, and the compartment dividers, higher than what you're going to store in them: that way, the weight of the trays above will be borne by the boxes and not by your prized equipment.
    These boxes are strong and stackable, and allow easy access to anything stored in them, and, best of all, the price is right. :thumb:

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    Cool. I do the same thing using 12 pack soda trays inside paper boxes from my work and a friends work (he works at the local SSA office, so he gets PLENTY of paper boxes). I used carboard and a glue gun to make dividers for the trays.

    Works well.
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    I have used drawer organizers from the Dollar Store (2-3 for $1, depending on size). They work well for rolling stock up to about 85 scale feet. Nicest thing is that they snap together and nest inside a milk crate. One drawback - most rolling stock has to go on its side due to relatively shallow depth of the drawer organizer.


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