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    In Anapra NM (just west of El Paso ) the ex SP and now UP line is about 100' from Mexico . In working down there for 5 years I constantly saw boarder patrol and SP police in the area and used to watch trains there. Are you aware the SP and UP have a shack there manned by armed guard to keep illegals from comming over and shorting the rails to red light the signal and then at gun point rob the double stacks. The last incedent was national security as the feds were tipped off and tried to arrest the robbers who shot and fought back , beating 2 FBI agents and dragging them back into Mexico as hostiges. Negotiations returned the beaten female and male agents but no extradition of Mexicans was made.
    Turns out a UP employee in the El Paso yard was tipping off the would be robbers as to the content of the containers and was in for a cut.
    We always tend to think of this as a folk tale , but it is happening today.
    May make an intresting diarama???
    :eek: :eek: :(
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    Any of the big cities such as Chicago,New York,LA etc is known for train robbers.Not only do they rob from intermodule trains but stopped trucks as well..They will run up and break open the doors of a trailer and start pitching things out to waiting accomplices before they hop off.
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    This reminds me of a story I heard from a driver when I first started repairing transport refrigeration equipment about 30 years ago. This driver had taken a load of frozen shrimp into New York City and was there early the evening before being scheduled to unload. As he slept in the sleeper, he felt his truck move. He climbed out to investigate, and found the back door of the trailer agar. He closed and latched the door, and then called the police to tell them he thought maybe someone was in his trailer. When the police arrived, they found the "perp" dressed in Levis and a t-shirt in a trailer running at -20*f. They didn't even need handcuffs!

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