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    In North America, steam switchers were typically 0-6-0 and 0-8-0 (and 0-4-0 in earlier times) tender engines. In Britain and Europe, the same wheel arrangements, but tank engines. In most of the rest of the world...?

    The only other country I can think of to have 0-x-0 tender engines purpose-built as switchers (in Europe, those would be older mainline power, so might be seen as switchers late in the steam age) is South Africa. Their 0-8-0s are comfortingly familiar, but I think they only came in the 1950s. What did they use before then?

    What were purpose-built switchers in Australia like? Most Australian steam photos I've seen are from the transition era. When steam is seen switching, it's usually older mainline power.

    What about Japan? China? African countries in general?
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    Japanese companies exported many 2-6-0 and 2-6-2 switchers to the countries in Asia. Some other smaller engines came there from Europe (France, Germany and UK).
    Most of the switchers were tender engines.

    In Africa depends on the region.

    In East Africa the motive power came from Italy and UK and those were also small 0-6-0 or even 0-2-0 switchers.

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