steam engines?

Discussion in 'N / Z Scale Model Trains' started by gerbs4me, Nov 14, 2002.

  1. gerbs4me

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    Do the model steam engines actually smoke?
  2. rich maiorano

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    hey gerbs4me first welcome and there is no n-scale that I know of but I could be wrong havn't seen one. :D :D :D rich
  3. gerbs4me

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    I was just wondering.
  4. billk

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    Smart A** answer - Not on purpose and not for long.

    Real Answer - In N scale steamers with smoke are very rare. I can't think of any offhand, but I'm sure there must have been some at one time or another.

    The "smoke" is produced by in a chamber containing a heating element, to which some kind of oil is added. The heating element evaporates the oil. You have to keep adding oil, and it can leave a residue all over your layout. There is very little room in N scale for a heated chamber of any size.

    Most of the photos you see of smoking (or steaming) model locomotives either have the smoke added by editing or simulated just for the photo.
  5. absnut

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    Many, many years ago, one of the German/Austrian manufacturers sold a Pacific or Hudson with a smoke generator on the American market. I want to say it was Arnold but, I am not 100% sure. On a rare occasion they still show up on eBay and command big bucks.

  6. Biggles

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    Billk beat me to it with thw Smart A## answer.:( :D

    You could always have a small coal fire in the layout room to give that authentic smokey atmosphere to the whole layout.

    Great smell you get on a platform with a canopy, when a loco goes slowly past, belching smoke and steam.:cool:
  7. Vic

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    Smart A** answer #3:D No...not really!!!:D

    I belive it was Mini-Trix that had the smoking Pacific. It was actually a German prototype lettered for a US road.

    Also I seem to recall that Lonestar had some kind of a smoking steamer in what they called "Treble O"...the forerunner of N scale.

    Neither worked worth a #@#$%@:D
  8. absnut

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  9. 60103

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    Vic: I don't think LoneStar ever had a smoke unit. At that time, smoke units were as large as a LoneStar boiler. LoneStar's motors were also as large as their boiler. (Was their steamer tender powered? I never had one, but the tender was about as big as their diesels.)

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