Steam engine derails. Perilous plunge narrowly averted.

Discussion in 'Getting Started' started by TrainNut, Mar 7, 2007.

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    I took my old 4-8-4 out for a spin today. I have not operated this locomotive in quite some time. Well she wasn't running too good so I advanced the throttle up a little to help keep up the momentum. Lo'n'behold, we popped out of the tunnel portal, went to pass through the switch (which was in the correct position), and something about that switch just did not agree with the locomotive. It threw us up in the air and then violently over on our right side. As I was hanging on for dear life, I realized the impending fall to the Travertine plateau several hundred feet below would spell certain doom. Suddenly, at the last moment, everything came to a screeching halt and we avoided the fall of death. I did not even twitch a muscle as I was sure that any change in weight distribution would upset the balance and send us plunging over the edge to certain death of a 100 pieces. Eventually, the local rescue crew showed up and we were taken to safety. There were no injuries I am happy to report, however, the track crew can look forward to some serious reprimanding if this situation is not fixed immediately!

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  2. nachoman

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    nearly a complete loss!

    I am suprised you grabed the camera before attempting the rescue.

  3. steamhead

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    Kevin...Just my thought too...But then his name says it all..."Train Nut...!!!
  4. Herc Driver

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    Wow...good thing the local news chopper gave us some great aerial shots of the wreckage. Just about fell off the side of the known universe!
  5. Cannonball

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    Great shots!
    Nice work action news team!
  6. jambo101

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    Hope you are going to erect some form of fence to prevent future catastophies..
  7. MadHatter

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    SPEED KILLS- well, it's actually the dead stop.
  8. bigsteel

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    talk about goin of the deep end! :D --josh

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