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  1. NCMRailroad

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    Hi Everyone,
    Just wondering where a good place would be to purchase good quality early logging equipment in HO scale such as a steam donkey, and other misc. tools (saws, axes, riggers, and logger ppl. too)
  2. MasonJar

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    Lots of that stuff has been scratch built by members of The Gauge. In particular look for posts by jon-monon and shamus...

  3. krokodil

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    There is one from the last TimberTimes


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  4. zedob

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    Now that's an original! :thumb: Not to many models of boiler explosions.
  5. Glen Haasdyk

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    I've built one using an empty rifle shell for the boiler and old clock gears for the transmissions. I also know that Life-like makes a plastic ready to use steam donkey as a flatcar load.
    I think Keystone makes alot of logging gear and tools so try checking them out as well.
  6. krokodil

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    The best sources are the magazines Narrow Gauge & Short Lines or the mentioned Timber Times. Both are full with sources for such equipment.
  7. Tileguy

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    Milepost models / Turner model works ( Pat Turner) makes a small donkey kit in 1/48 scale...........It could be used to build a Large Roading Donkey in HO though with a little modifying here and there.........She'd be a large Donkey for sure, the kind used for them big trees out west!!
    Here's Pats site
    And heres one of his Kits in progress..........The boiler frame cable spools piping etc comes with the kit, everything else is either scratchbuilt or detail parts from other sources (like grant line NBW's etc
  8. Look's like a contraption grampa used to have on the back 40 in tennessee, he always seemed ok when he was leavin to go out there, but always laughed a lot when he came back hmmm? sign1 :D :D You don't suppose

  9. NCMRailroad

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    Thanks to all that replied to my thread about "Steam Donkey" The help and advice was much appreciated!!
  10. Jim Krause

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    Rio Grande Models ,Keystone Models for Donkeys and other equipment kits. Evergreen Hill Designs has tools in both HO and O scale. Also, Oso Publishing has books and the magazine Tall Timber Short Lines which is a quarterly. As peviously mentioned, Timber Times and Narrow Gauge and Short Line Gazette magazines all have a wealth of info and ad's for logging modeling.
  11. hd8091

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    I would also suggest Rio Grande models Rio Grande Models
    and Echo Mountian products..I'll have to get the web address for them.
  12. hd8091

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