"Stealth" ship source?

Discussion in 'Ship & Watercraft Models' started by dhanners, Apr 11, 2006.

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    A couple of years ago, I bought a card model download of a low-observable naval vessel (was it the Norwegian navy?) from some outfit online. I never got around to building it and, since then, I've moved and don't have access to the old computer that the file is on. So...

    Does anyone:

    A) Have any idea what ship I'm talking about, and
    B) Have any idea what the website is?

    I'd like to order another one and try my hand at it.
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    http://www.modele.kielce.com/026.htm -> If that was Visby then there it is -> designed and printed in Poland(no eng. version but if there is such need I can translate parts wich you will be interested in)probably it will be cheaper even with shipping...
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    That's the one! Thanks. You guys are terrific.
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    The SWEDISH "Visby" Corvette + Westland Lynx Helicopter

    You´ve probably seen it already, but here´s the direct link to Dr. Emil Zarkov´s model:

    Trivia about Visby:
    Visby is the "capital" (largest city) of the small limestone island of Gotland on the eastern Baltic coast of Sweden. In medieval times, Visby was an important Hansa merchant port and trading town, equal in status to Reval (Tallinn), Lübeck and Bremen. The medieval stone wall, with gates to the South, East and North, is preserved intact to this day and is represented on the UNESCO list of important World Heritage Sites.
    Nowadays, Gotland (and Visby) in the Baltic is a summer holiday paradise and one of the sunniest spots in the whole of Sweden. Just off the northern tip of Gotland you´ll find the tiny sand-dune island of Gotska Sandön - a wildlife reserve and one of Sweden´s National Parks.
    Visit Gotland (in May - August) if you haven´t been there - I´m sure you´ll like it!

    Bengt 8)

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