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    Hi all,

    I'm a war gamer by background and hobby interest and am starting a project to build an 8' x 4' battle board (or terrain piece) loosely based on WWII Stalingrad and the film 'Enemy at the Gates'. I intend using the board for Flames of War gaming so it will be made to 15mm or 1:100 scale - so far as I can tell TT gauge is the closest to this.

    What I really want is for one quarter of the board to be the end of a shunting yard - so lots of track, switchovers, points etc. Ideally 1, maximum 2, locomotives and about 20 pieces of assorted rolling stock - NONE of this needs to actually work - it is just static that can be placed on tracks and left there for the duration of a fight.

    So the question is how best to start this - any advice will be very gratefully accepted!
  2. Bill Nelson

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    That would be interesting. TT had almost died out, If I remember correctly an eastern european company was making some a few years back

    there might not be much available in the way of track components. one way around that would be to hand lay track, since it would not need to be operational, it would be much easier to do than building operational track you would just need some code 55 or 40 rail and some ties. some folks cut some ties out of PC board, and then use a pc board tie every fouth or fith tie, and solder the rail to it. since you don't need to operate the tolerances would not need to be great, I'll do some googling, and see what comes up.

    I was a big Avalon Hill gamer back in the day, Loved the Squad leader stalengrad senarioes. More recently I was a big fan of the Close Combat computer games , there was one senario in the operation Market Garden game I still have nightmares about, getting caught in the open in a rail yard, and cut into tiny little pieces. have not done much miniature gaming; My son used to talk about setting up a D&D war game on my logging RR, with Dwarfs and Elves fighting over forestry practices and mineral rights through the mountains.

    as I said TT is nearly if not totally gone, but for gaming purposes aproximations of locomotives and cars could be fabricated from. I'll try to do some reasearch.
  3. Bill Nelson

    Bill Nelson Well-Known Member

    this is something I found on a bing search. it seems to list manuafaturors and suppliers.

    as I said TT is very unusual these days I have been modeling since the 1960's I have seen a couple of pieces of TT equipment, but have never seen a TT layout

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