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  1. Hi all, i am working on a LS model of the Holland American Cruise ship SS. Statendam :D , the fit is near perfect on the test model, but how far back is the proper placement of the pilot deck so the wrap around matches the lines on the deck??? only gripe with the model is lack of cargo cranes but im am using sanded down wooden dowls./ now due to the lack of a good model of the Queen Elizabeth is it possible to modify the JSC Queen Mary ???? :?: :?: she would be a nice addition for the queens of the atlantic/ and what ships are included in LS-A41 the listing in my paper models international list it as 3 dutch liners, the one clearly looks like the Niew Amsterdam but what are the other 2 the pic is to small in the catalouge and i cant make out the names :roll:
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    LS A41 has the following models; Nieuw Amsterdam, M.S. Oranje and M.S.Willem Ruys.
  3. :D :wink: ty they will be my next liners to build after the SS Rotterdam and Vaterland :wink:
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    Hey PM,

    What is the fasination with all the dutch ocean liners?

    I know of the Maasdam, my mom sailed on it when she went from Indonesia to the Netherlands.

    Are you a ship guy? or is there some Dutch in you?

    Let me know, I am one of the resident Dutch-Americans here

  5. i love to read about the old liners when they were the queens of the north atlantic ,and they said that the holland american line ships were the cleanest most reliable ship afloat,, :wink: :wink: most of the model liners i seen are dutch, and i would give anything for a model of christofo columbo or the andrea doria :D :D

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