Star Wars AT-ATs

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    Howdy all, been busy with a project for work. These guys are decorations and simplified for time - would make great piñatas!


    Star Wars on the mind...
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    Ahh.. two parents and their kid getting ready to take out the rebellion!

    Seriously, those are nice models. Why put in all that work and use them as piñatas? My guess is that the one in the center was the original and the two on either side are scaled up versions?

    BTW I like the link you provided, the close up of the smaller AT-AT, and especially the three headed dragon. Looks good.

    Have and great week!

    Sky Seeker
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    DAVESTAR Active Member

    Thanks Sky Seeker. The large ones will have one day of glory as decorations and from there who knows. It would be a waste as piñatas but since I have no room to keep them some folks from work will probably get them and do whatever. I had the fun of making them - though under the gun which is not the same as just enjoying the hobby. Besides they are "dumbed down" versions for speed sake.
    The smaller one is a 263% blow up of the original model found all around the net - it was a prototype to see if the cardstock would hold at this size - originally we were going to do 5 of these but decided to go big with cardboard. The original is about 7 inches high. Thanks again. (The dragon is King Ghidorah from the Godzilla movies)
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    You've done some really nice work.
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    Very Nice!! :)
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