St. Paul railfan trip pictures and videos

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    For those that might be interested, I went railfanning today just outside of downtown St. Paul along the Mississippi river and the bluffs on Childs Road. The spot I camped at for an hour was along several tracks that lead into the humping yard and CP Rail's engine shops. I thought for sure for all these years that the yard was a BN yard, however, the majority of the traffic was SOO and CP Rail.

    I went to check out another spot hoping to get some humping footage, however, there was no humping going on, and add to that there were a lot of tall automotive train cars on the foreground track blocking a lot of the view.

    4 pages of pictures and videos are posted at the following link:

    Included in the pictures and videos are BNSF, Soo Line, CP Rail, Union Pacific, and RRV&W (whatever that is.. never heard of them yet).

    I also made another 360 panorama of my railfan spot. As you follow it around, you can see the downton St. Paul skyline in the background as the sun starts to set.

    I used Adobe Photoshop to make thumbnails this time. Hopefully that will make your visit a little more enjoyable.

  2. Matthyro

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    A great collection of photos and videos Jas. As a dial up user I like the way you did the thumbnails.
  3. Ralph

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    Cool shots and neat video Jason! I belive I recognise the area. The Twin Cities offer a lot of good train watching spots!
  4. SOO < 1987 < WC

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    Thanks for the pics and awesome videos. Very nice! I've always like the railroading around the twin cities area.....cough cough..SOO

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