Springtime at the Western Railway Museum

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    Gang, I just cheated and did a cut and paste on this submission. This is from the Western Railway Museum website and is passed along as an FYI.

    For anyone not familiar with the Western Railway Museum and its location, it is on California highway 12 approximately 15 miles west of Rio Vista and 15 or so miles east of Fairfield, California.

    It has been a few years since I have been there and I am looking forward to the visit on the 1st and 2nd along with my model railroad club, Sacramento Modular Railroaders. Myself and Grant Vogel who is also on this list are members of SMR and the SMR layout has been invited to attend this annual event. In addition, for those interested in model railroading the Sierra Division of the NMRA - National Model Railroad Association will also be there as well.

    Assuming the weather will hold-out to be perfect California springtime weather this may be a time to bring the family and camera and enjoy the day on the delta. All museum displays, car barns, rolling stock will be available for the public to see and ride. I believe the gates open at 10:00 on each day.


    Take a real ride into history this coming spring when the Western Railway Museum operates the fifth annual “Scenic Limited” trains. The “Scenic Limited” departs every Wednesday, Saturday, and Sunday in April 2006 at 11am, 12:30pm, and 2pm.

    April is often the best time for viewing the area’s brilliant displays of wildflowers. Historic electric-powered trains make a leisurely 10-mile round trip South through the rolling Montezuma Hills. Passengers enjoy vistas of Mt. Diablo, Suisun Marsh, and thousands of acres of lush green farms and pastures, where grazing sheep outnumber people by a wide margin.

    In addition to rides on real electric trains, visitors can also experience model electric trains. The Sacramento Modular Railroaders will operate their HO-scale layout at the Western Railway Museum on April 1 & 2, 2006.

    Two classes of service are offered aboard the “Scenic Limited.” First Class passengers ride in an antique parlor-observation car originally built for the Salt Lake and Utah Railway in 1914. This car is fitted with overstuffed individual chairs, dark wood paneling, bronze light fixtures and a handsome floral carpet. In addition, uniformed attendants serve lemonade and assorted cookies.

    Coach passengers ride in a car that spent its working life on the very same rail line the Museum now owns and preserves. The Oakland, Antioch, and Eastern (later known as the Sacramento Northern) enabled people to travel from Oakland, through Sacramento, to Chico. Just like in the old days, this car still sports plush red seats, dark wood paneling and crystal clear windows.

    Visitors can also tour the Rail Car Display House and the Visitor Center, picnic in the Museum’s spacious park, and shop in the museum store. Parking is free.

    Admission is just $10 for adults, $9 for seniors 65 years and older, and $7 for children 2 - 14. No extra fare is required for Coach service. First Class service is only $5 extra. Groups of 10 or more are encouraged to make advance reservations by calling the Museum at (707) 374-2978, extension 114.

    For more information about the Sacramento Modular Railroaders visit http://saccentral.railfan.net
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    The WRM Scenic Limited is definitely a great trip--I try to take it every year! I know I'll be there one of those weekends, although the SMR makes the first weekend an extra treat.
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    Yeah, that sounds fantastic! I sure hope I'll be able to go!
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    We could make it a Gauge California party - last one arriving has to buy the beer<g>

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