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    After several requests, I took some shots and am going to try to post them where appropriate. The Springfield Southern is a fictional railroad set in the PC/Conrail transition era. It is a bridge route running south of Springfield, beginning in Palmer and ending in the fictional town of Ames Ridge, located west of Southwick. It features connctions to Boston and points north, R.I., Cape Cod, New York via Hartford, Albany NY. and the NH, Vermont area. You never know what you will see on the SSR. The owners have a habit of rescuing locos head for the boneyard. Alcos make up about half the current roster. Here is a roster shot located in the staging yard. John

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  2. brakie

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    Nice collection.
    Perhaps the Springfield Southern is a "paper" railroad of Conrail or perhaps they lease a lot of CR power? :cool::p
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    Are the white/red/black RS-2/3s the SSR's official scheme?

    Maybe the Conrail power is for run-through trains, since this is a bridge route? Or, since Conrail got rid of a lot of older power in the late 70s-early 80s, you might say your era is just after that and patch the CR units to SSR?
  4. brakie

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    Actually I think those are P&W RS3s by Atlas.

  5. Triplex

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    Ah - I forgot that P&W scheme. I'm totally used to the half red/half black. So, is the Alco switcher in the SSR scheme, or is that another prototype scheme I'm forgetting?
  6. nice collection and love the conrails altho i note one thing for the trasiton era and thats the quality schem in the back. ahh heck just bustin as im a conrail fan too keep up the good work:thumb:
  7. Ralph

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    Nice group of locomotives! I like your Springfield Southern concept. Say, do you have any black locos with the CR painted over the PC?
  8. kokoracer

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    Hi Guys

    The only two SSR locos are a GP9 (Trainline) and a F3. from GKW, (God Knows Where). The switcher is an Atlas S4 in Bay Colony. Could not pass on the color scheme, fits the New England theme and is assigned to the Cape Cod spur. The 2 white and brown RS3s are Atlas P&W units. I am originally from P&W country.They get the R.I. yard runs. A B&M GP40 shares the Boston/Maine spur with a MEC RS11. The Albany Spur is handled by CR power. A FM16-44 (Bachmann) and an Athern PC RS3 take care of NYC and Ct business. The remaining CR power serves run through and helper engines.

    My current project involves putting ina terminal for LCL freight in the yard tghat is in the photo. I am laying cork with sheet styrene and then paint. The cork helps to offset the height of the roadbed track. Next up is to start ballasting, beginning in the yard. John

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