Sprengboot - Roman does it again!

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    One of the more interesting craft to come from the closing days of WWII. Designed to break the keel of ships this craft would be laden with two charges. One to sink the craft below the hull of the Allied ship and the other, greater charge, to detonate and break the back (keel) and destroy the ship. Little documentation is easily available on these craft so not a lot is known. Pieced together from leftover components, floats from Ju-52's, jet engines from the aircraft factories and plywood comprise the main components of these interesting watercrafts. Packed with explosives and the most basic radio equipment and you have the expendable and potentially very dangerous weapon.
    Our first venture into odd and interesting craft. Click on the Non-air button.
    Order reference : Tornado


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    very intristing model:)

    iregular to your plans :) now this nice looking ship :)

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