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    Help...can anybody provide info re sources of information, and photographs if possible, of the Spokane International RR?

    All I can find are the odd photo and reference in various MR's, books etc...and a tantalysingly incomplete article on the road from an ancient Model Railroader....incomplete in respect of the fact it scratched the surface only!
    Info on steam loco types, diesels etc would be useful?

    would save me digging out my old, freelance, Pend Oreille RR F units!
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    plus some weird Baldwins....and an S1 or two

    these I have gleaned from my UP roster books....

    incidentally...my references to the Pend Oreille....?

    Way back in the 80's and early 90's, when actively modelling US stuff, my prime RR was sadly UP.....easier to get info on for a start...pre-tinternet!

    I sought out info on the SIRR as best I could, with little success, however, scans of Rand Mcnally showed wha USED to be a shortline around the Pend Oreille river.....so hey ho, I invented my own shortline, the Pend Oreille River RR...colours of dark grey with black stripe...some modelpower F3's, the odd Athearn EMD from the early years....even thought of tying in traction, via a mountain line?

    Following on from your leads above, I find the POVR.....which seems to have got going just as I left off!
    I had no idea...such was the relatively poor communications in those days, compared to now!

    my interest initially in the SIRR came about because of those oddball photos in the UP books..... plus the fact that not many folk in the NMRA Brit region knew much about the line.....thus I would suffer less from the nitpickers?

    but then, I was influenced very much by the late Peter Makin's New Mexico Central idea!
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    From searching The Diesel Shop they didn't buy any Alco switchers or any Baldwins at all new. Where did they get them from, then?

    I think I know less about the SI than you do... I'm learning as I go.
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    DRS 6-4-15......I have a piccy in a book....UP loco used on SI (UP subsidiary at the time...around 1960's??)

    ALS616's....again UP sourced


    plus a HH1000......ok, so Spokane International was not an entirely separate entity then, but.....

    I'd like to source some steamer pix tho.....preferably not too fuzzy....

    All Time UP Diesel Roster, Part 21.......

    I found this one....but it takes some wading through....

    (I also found a home kitbashed UP CA1 caboose I made years ago......)
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    Vintage photos

    The guy at this website has a photo CD with some good vintage color shots included on it.
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    Vintage photos

    The guy at this website has a photo CD with some good vintage color shots included on it.
    Forgot to paste it in the first time.
    Signal Signs
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    Soo-Spokane Flyer

    Ok, I knew I had something else but hunger was calling me. Now that I've had my dinner I found it for you. Crowsnest Passenger Trains (4 of 12)

    Then there's the articles in the recent issues of Nscale Railroading. Some prototype shots are in July-August 07 but maybe you've seen this already?

    There's also a few snippets of information in Railway Mileposts: British Columbia Volume 2.

    Finally , if you really want to dig up more info I'd suggest contacting these people. Inland Empire Chapter

    Hope that helps a bit and I'll be checking back to see what others may have found. I'm interested in modeling this one myself.
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    an update for anyone interested, on the Spokane International RR......a move of house, the discovery of the [paper] contents of a long-lost box, and I have discovered two useful references to the above class 1 railroad.

    the first reference....a real dooozer...is an old photocopy of an article in an even older ''Trains'' magazine...sadly the dates are missing from the copy, but it IS entitled:-
    ''Union Pacific to Canada?''

    It IS an article on the 'future' proposal by Union Pacific of 'buying' the Spokane International RR....with quite a few [fuzzy photocopy] steam piccies,plus black/maroon Alco RS1's.

    date of article ''probably'' around the early 1960's?

    the second is a more 'in depth' article, from a modeller's perspective, from Model Railroader.

    it's the January 1991 edition, and the Spokane International RR features as one of their ''railroads you can model'' series.

    some colour shots...of the black/maroon striped RS1...

    black 'n white shots of steam...including one of a converted D&H Camelback....stations,including maps and plans, buildings, industries, stock, bridges, etc...and layout suggestions.

    I just KNEW there was a reason for not binning all those old back issues....
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