Special H0/ H0m tram track segments

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  1. TEP 60

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    Are any H0/ H0m tram (grooved rail) track crossings with railroad track and
    (H0 only, of course :) ) tram- railroad (grooved rail- railroad rail)
    transitions ever produced for sale?

    Tram- railroad crossings are used to cross industrial railroad spurs with
    tram lines on one level. Tram- railroad transitions are used to make
    possible using railroad track- maintenance technic on the tram network. And
    also some tram lines may have railroad rail tracks- so the tram- railroad
    transitions connect these railroad rail tram lines with the conventional
    grooved rail ones.
  2. zedob

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    Are you talking about dual gauge trackage? The only commercially available is/was in HO/HOn3. Lambert used to make it. It's still available, well as long as the hobby shop that's been stocking it for the last 30 yrs is still in business.:D :cry:

    I don't know if narrow guage trackage crossing standard guage track was ever produced commercially, but would be an interesting project.
  3. shaygetz

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    AHM made one many years ago. They fetch a reeeeeeeally good price on Ebay when they show up---upwards of $40 or more at times. Peco makes an HOe line though I don't know if it would include HO/HOe crossings.
  4. bill937ca

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    This is what's offered:

    Pennsylvania Heritage Models offers covers for standard Atlas HO track:

    PA Heritage Models

    Custom Traxx offers Richard Orr girder rail:

    V-Other Traction Products

    Scroll to the bottom of the page. The switches are very tight radius.


    GHB International offers HO Luna Track imported from Europe:

    GHB International Home Page

    Willkommen bei Luna-Tram!

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