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Discussion in 'Space & Aeronautics' started by spaceagent-9, May 31, 2014.

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    This company is a favorite of mine. It is what Space Travel should be. Out of the hands of the Governments. Think about it, we have small teams of people working out in the desert doing what countries as a whole cannot do. It doesn't make the possibility of fantastic discovery improbable. It makes it inevitable!! :)
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    The government canceling manned space flight equipment may have been the best thing for us. NASA has shown they are incapable of building practical manned vehicles. I was stunned when they could not build an orbital vehicle. We can't rebuild Apollo but pay to ride on Soyuz. North American, Grumman, and a lot of other companies went to the moon. It is past time for those who can't to get out of the way of those who will. Go Space X!
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    well that's true. but remember, NASA was constrained by having to follow a budget and a plan that was from 1968 for a second round of trips to the moon. it just wasn't feasible, especially with all the new developments that weren't in their enforced regulated plans for a return trip. finally someone said, a few years ago, ''Hey, Let's reevaluate the budget and see what we can do.'' and this is the result and its great! all these geniuses finally get their chance! and praise to NASA forever for getting us into space and on a space station and of course despite some's opinons, on the moon.
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    Um, I agree with the "Spirit" of your post, but NASA really did not make anything. All the worked was farmed out to private companies.

    ALso, NASA, which has now, did build a sub orbital vehicle, and there is a whole fleet of them. The XB-37 can stay in orbit for over two years doing God knows what. A "New" Saturn V engine has been made, it was made with probably the world's most fantastic 3d printer. This engine is throttle-able and has already been test fired. A throttle-able rocket engine is a designers dream. It can be scaled up or down, changing the whole nature of space travel.

    The political forces which made NASA keep making Space shuttles, when they wanted to stop at three, steered NASA and it was 0ur Government which steered NASA, of course. My personal opinion of course!

    This video explains it better than I can or ever will be able too, many many parts of this were made using state of the art 3D printers. :)

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    interesting perspective increasing video. thanks Zathros!
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    It has been the private sector which has always made the products of war and science, defense, space, etc., being lead with prototype work done by very small companies, some Pseudo governmental, like DARPA, etc, but it is NASA that should be making planetary drive engines to propel these craft. A private corporation making a warp field generator, efficient ION drive, Solar Sails, could inadvertently destroy a city because they answer to no one. Let them build the ship hulls and habitats. Let the agencies which are held responsible to the American people, build the serious, super dangerous stuff. It is only now that things I worked on 35 years ago are coming out in public, but I cannot still talk about it. It makes me laugh when I hear the media describe them as new or coming soon. Then you see a Saturn V fuel pump made on one. That's not something you do in a couple of years.

    Correction, I wrote Saturn V fuel pimp, "Yo Holmes, this is one fine rocket engine I got here! :)
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    Would love to see a 1/24 scale model of this to match the 1/24 Mercury, Gemini, Apollo, and Soyuz.

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