Space probe Voyager

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  1. SeriousNikos

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    Original -Вояджер-1
    Scan -
    Printed from the original sweep across 80%, which was to give 1/32 Model.
    Antenna diameter slightly larger than the CD. Rod and copper antenna reduced to 12-15 cm (you can imagine how he would look with a full-size antenna of 32 cm)
    Assembly time about 2-3 weeks. Launched into orbit under stars
    Printed on a printer Epson R290 + CISS on paper 160 g

    General appearance:

    "Hand" with tools

    Hand tools with a width of 7 x 7 mm is cut through. Block at the end of the "hand" has two degrees of freedom.

    Radioisotope thermoelectric generator and a magnetometer on a boom
    Magnetometer boom - 5 * 5 mm, is made up of 5 cm segments
  2. Zathros

    Zathros Guest

    The whole model is fantastic but that Magnetometer boom is absolutely fantastic!! :)
  3. Space Boy

    Space Boy Member

    It's very beautiful! Well done! ;-)
  4. pulp

    pulp New Member

    oh, wow - real fancy! absolutely well done.
  5. martinsmc

    martinsmc New Member

    Fantastic model, congratulations.
  6. ASC Mclaren

    ASC Mclaren Member

    Amazing build!

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