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  1. Vince

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    OK, I know there's a lot of space junkies out there. I remember there's a certain altitude one has to reach to get the title of Astronaut. Did Felix Baumgarter reach that height? Is he officially an astronaut now?
  2. micahrogers

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    I know that USAF SR-71 pilots qualified for "astronaut" wings, and they were only ever admitted as 80,000 + ft.
  3. Zathros

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    Well, after seeing the height he jumped from I'd say he is just a tad away from doing the first reentry without a spaceship. I think that's around the corner actually. Massive trampolines at around 50,000 feet to bounce you right back up!!

    He's definitely something, I don't know if there is a name for it. A Balloon-o-naut?
  4. mbauer

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    Have to cross the 300,000 ft mark. Thats how the X-15 pilots got their astronaut wings.

    SR71 pilots did not get Astronaut wings with an air breather.

    Supersonic man would work!

    Only one ever! To see what he saw thru his eyes would be awesome.

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  7. Tomas Bizzare

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    So the guy fell a lot of miles big deal .The jump and the height just arent that impressive. I will tell you all what i learned in airborne school. Anybody and i mean anybody can fall any distance like a champ. His impressive feat was landing and walking away .
  8. micahrogers

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    I give him credit he broke a world record and became the first (possibly second) man to break the sound barrier in free fall ( Joe Kittenger being the first)

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