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Discussion in 'HO Scale Model Trains' started by KCS, Apr 30, 2007.

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    Trucklover, I have some thing's I want to run by you and get your opinion on. I bought one of those new Malibu classic truck's sense our Wallyworld just started carrying them and I have to say the cab's are fantastic. Perfect to scale and the cab profile fit's Bowser trailer's beautifully. I do have a bit of an issue with the truck. It's a Freightliner Columbia. The chassis is a bit weak and lack's detail along with the wheel's. The mirror's and stack's are fine along with the cab.

    Being two of them you have the option of prototype in the back but the sleeper window's are a different story. There is also an issue with the grill on the truck. The grill bar's are vertical instead of horizontal which make's the fron't of the truck look like the new International's. I sanded (big mistake except to get the paint started to coming off) but started wire brushing the paint off with a light sand afterward's because that green with metalic flake look's horrible. Plus I'm turning it into a prototype truck anyway. If you have one, already what chassis do you think would best fit this cab because I know other maker's have bigger out of scale truck's.

    I would like to use an Athearn chassis with the tilting 5th wheel but I don't want to spend money on something that may not work and I have serious doubt's about it working. The truck is going all black wearing the Dick Simon skunk on the door's and roof. What do you think? I'll try and get picture's when I can. I'm behind on a lot of thing's because of work.
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    im no trucklover (hes to much better at modeling than me) but that sounds pretty cool,i've only seen athearn chassis from a distance,but they look to be pretty close to scale.and theres nothin a file and an exacto cant fix...and if it dont,duct tape will.....--josh
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    lol, duck tape will fix anything. I'm just a bit concerned about the chassis fitting because the cab of the Athearn having a wider cab which I don't believe is as close to scale as this thing is and with the cab and side skert's being all diecast trying to get the truck to sit flush and level as well as the right length wheel base for the truck. They do make a very nice working/tilting 5th wheel though.

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