Some Nice N-Scale UK Models!

Discussion in 'Railroading' started by Fishcarver, Jul 23, 2004.

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    Neat! I often wondered why there didn't seem to be any bigger scale paper/card models of Britsh locos and rolling stock available. I'd love to see a Castle or a Hall, with a rake of chocolate and creams, being a Westcountryman born and bred, but there are loads of possible subjects!

    Oh dear, I feel another distraction coming on.....

    Tim P

    PS The P stands for Procrastinator, by the way....
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    Fishcarver, Tim,

    Yet another distraction....., but what a wonderful distraction. I've asked my N and HO friends why there isn't more use of card models in their side of the hobby. Suprisingly enough cardmodels are looked down upon as not being authentic enough for their layouts. I have to admit some of the plaster cast architecture kits are veritable works of art but in reality how close do most people get to the finished layout? An entire layout complete with paper clad engines and cars is well within the capacity of the card form to perform well. Instead of plastic or brass why not card?

    Best regards, Gil
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    I'm sure they're aware of kit bashing. I think it's more an issue of being aware of the advances in card modeling and of a sort of self imposed complacency with the status quo. Some architectural scene scatch builders are showcased in several of the train modeling magazines and are true multimedia artists. Card as a base media has a long history as concerns the art of architectural modeling. It's not for us to complain about the "great unwashed" but rather to enlighten and inform through the infection of our own enthusiasm for the subject through our demonstration of the art.

    Best regards, Gil
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    This first link doesn't work?

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