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  1. Well, the new train room is finally taking shape. Just got done painting it from an ugly puke brown/tan color, to a nice sky blue. Next thing to do, carpet. YAY!!! My feet get SOOOO cold on the linolium (sp???) Well, things are shaping up pretty darn quick, so should have bench work up, and start laying track by Thanksgiving hopefully. Wish me luck. Just a small update. All my updates, if anyone is interested, will be in this thread.:thumb:

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  2. fsm1000

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    Cool your own train room. I have mine in the living room.
    I look forward to your progress. :)
  3. Doc Holliday

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    Looking forward to watching your progress. Good idea doing the carpet first, then the benchwork. I did mine the other way (didn't decide to carpet until benchwork done). What a pain.
  4. steamhead

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    Getting that room done beffore layout construction begins is a great idea. You may want to consider any additional lighting you might need (you can't ever have enough light...!!!) and do that also before you begin. Working over a layout is a risky proposition.

    Good luck!

    Gus (LC&P).
  5. I already have 2 track lighting set, with 4 lights on each. Only one of those are turned on in the pics, and there all pointed on the wall I just finished painting to help dry it. If anything I have excessive lighting lol. When I get crapet in, I'll post pics with better lighting. Thanks for the comments.
  6. Ok, FINALLY some new pics, the floor was a bit harder to get then I expected. Many of you probably didn't think I'd be doing all this, but... YES, thats wood flooring in a train room. Is that strange? Floor is (hopefully) going to be 100% done tomorrow or Saturday (11/24-25)
    Then the trim has to go back in, and then the bench work can begin! I plan on 60%+ track to be laid by christmas, does that sound resonable? More info to come soon!

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  7. MilesWestern

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    Well, you got the floor done by Thanksgiving, and the really looks great! Reminds me of floor in a depot! :thumb: e
  8. Wow, never thought of that, you're right! Adds a little something special to know that.:)
  9. fsm1000

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    I don't see why you shouldn't have a nice floor if you can do it.
    Looks good to me :D
  10. More updates... Took to long to get these up too.. But finally new pics. These are just preliminary, nothing set in stone yet. I've set the tracks up to see how it will look, and I must say, I think it's all going to work out. Where the Santa Fe F unit is will be my tourism track, it will actually be raised on a mountian. The next 2 tracks are my main lines, then a short spur for passenger service to the station (white box) The next 4 tracks are sidings for a intermodal facility going in there. Then, finally there is an engine service facility (3 tracks going to the other white box). Hope you all enjoy!

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  11. One more.


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  12. LongIslandTom

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    I like that Amtrak Superliner consist with the P42 Gennie on point! Very nice-looking. :thumb:

    Say, weren't you looking for Phase-V Gennies a while back? They have been released and are widely available now.

    (Personally I like Phase-III and Phase-IV Intercity paint better, but that's just me..) :D

    I wonder what's up with the F40PH on a flatcar..?
  13. shaygetz

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    Careful with that OSB when you get to don't like getting wet:eek: A coat of cheap acrylic latex before you lay track will keep you safe.
  14. I was looking for the Phase-V's, and once I start my job, I'll be ordering 2 of them. They look absolutly STUNNING!!! Can't wait to get it.

    The F40PH's motor was burnt out when I bought it, so its my project car. I saw on a picture of a wrecked F40PH, so I think I'll try to replicate that. If not that, then paint it up in Amtrak Cascades paint, detail it with a luggage door, and call it a Cabbage:thumb:

    Thanks Shaygetz. I will be putting 1.5in of foam down on top of the board also, so that will also help keep it nice and dry. I will also paint it black, just to keep it from being noticed to much. Thanks for the comments guys!:wave:
  15. Ok, well some more updates! I got the bench work 100% done now, and now I'll I have to do is wait for some more $$$ to get the foam. In the meantime, PICTURES! And also a final track plan that I've already test drew on the board so I know it WORKS... YAY lol Well this is it until next time. Thanks for looking guys!:wave:

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