Snow on the Tracks

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    An uncommon sight is the random snow flurry in a New Orleans winter. You can imagine the excitement in this town when an inch accumulated on the ground. Suburbs adjacent to New Orleans less that 50 miles away measured 8". Moving in from the west, a low pressure system, unsually close to the surface begain droping snow at about 7 am Thursday. To snow deprived New Orleans this "blizzard" went on for 3 non stop hours, until lawns and roof tops were covered. Unaccustomed to this, schools, offices and businesses emptied into the streets as residents played in the snow. Roads became hazardous, not from the white stuff, but because drivers were awah struck and distracted by the falling snow. Shortly after 10 am, the pretty flakes became ice pellets and then into rain and with that our magical Thursday morning quickly returned to the day before the day before the weekend.

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  2. Canal St. Line Car 940

    Car 940 is really an original Pearly Thomas car from 1920's off of the St. Charles line. Seen here dressed in holiday decorations and used on the Canal St line since Katrina destroyed the Canal lines cars. Photos was taken yesterday 12-11-08 during the snow. Today, 12-12-08, the first of the repaired Canal St. cars returned to that line, so this car along with others will be returning to St. Charles line.

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  3. Ralph

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    Oh man! Look at that! Very picturesque. It'd make a neat Christmas card!
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    Having lived in Michigan, Ohio, Colorado, and Illinois I am no stranger to snow.
    However, it is only recently that I have come to realize the magic that is held within those tiny flakes. Regardless of the cold, they bring out the little kid in most adults, at least until the cold overrides it.

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    It reminds me of Baghdad receiving its first snow in 70 years...a year or two ago.

    Great pictures!

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