Sn3 Mogul from an HO Roundhouse Oldtime Mogul

Discussion in 'Narrow Gauge Model Railroading' started by hminky, Mar 30, 2008.

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    It's good to have you as a member here. Your tutorials are always well prepared, and presented, and they are always interesting. I keep finding methods, techniques, and materials that have relevance to far more than just the project you're working on, and showing here. :thumb: :thumb: :thumb:
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    I love that. I know very little about S scale, but is Sn3 wider r narrower than HO guage? I dabble in On30, (O scale, HO gauge) so I know a bit about narrow gauge. If it was widened: what did you use to fill in the gap? If narrower: did you have to trim the weight or moter to allow the narrower gauge?

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    Sn3 is slightly narrower than HO. He did have to narrow the frame.

    I've widened On30 stuff to On3, and you can fill the gaps with any kind of space...homemade plastic washers, new frame overlays, or such.

    You pretty much can't trim the motor...instead you'd have to replace it.

    Sn3: S "scale" was the high rail American' flyer's "scale". The modern scale version is 1/64th. Sn3 equipment is close in dimensions to HO standard gauge. Most Sn3 modelers buy expensive P-B-L locomotives. I highly recommend googling Sn3 and looking at some of the layouts out there...they are impressive...
    Paul Scoles is one of the best known Sn3 is a trip over his layout...
    Paul has built a number of Railmaster kits for motive power (Railmaster is a New Zealand Pewter & brass detail manufacturer).

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