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  1. Well here I am.. I havn't posted in a while (not like i posted much in the first place) but I think i settled on a basic trackplan. My apologies if it is too small, i will try to get a bigger one up right now... It is supposed to be the second small town on my railroad consisting of about two 4x8's. There is a small mine in the top right corner and the track on the bottom right continues on to the other 4x8. The darker track is a tunnel and the brown is supposed to be a trestle. I will probably pull the trestle out a bit so it looks like it is wrapping around a nice rock cliff. It is in HO and the turnouts that are on there now are just places where I can fit them in and I need to decide what they are still:rolleyes: -btw the minimum radius is 18", which will be fine because i will be running smaller locomotives that can negotiate the turns.--

    So any future problems or suggestions you can see please feel free to post:D

    EDIT: Oops the picture is VERY small, hang on and ill try to get another =)

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    Looks pretty cool from what I can see, I like the idea of the trestle around a rock face, that sounds cool :thumb: :thumb: :thumb:
  3. a little better?

    EDIT: btw thanks josh!

    and if you need a bigger version just copy and paste it into somethig and blow it up i guess..

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  4. And lastly -since i dont think this deserves a new thread- does anybody have a sectional rendering of the Gorre and Daphetid Railroad? It would be even nicer if it was in RTS so i could just put it on the end of this layout and even greater if it had a minimum radius of 18". I was thinking of adding it on to the end of the small one I have above and making the lake a mountain or town. If it needs to be fudged a little past a 4x8 table i think i can manage aswell.

    Thanks in advance :)
  5. well rofl i just figured out how to make the pictures bigger..:rolleyes: hopefully now i can begin some real posting... i included another picture and will have the rest up possibly in the near future

    EDIT: I added a very ROUGH pic of what i would like to see on the second half, and suggestions would be nice

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    Min radius on the original G&D was 15". It was/is a folded fig 8. Here's a link to the small/micro site, where he discussed his 9 most copied layouts of all time:

    Small Layout Scrapbook

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