Slick Schick Lighting - Modern Highway Lights

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  1. Tileguy

    Tileguy Member

    Needing lights for my Slot track I couldnt find anything that suited my needs since most Model RR stuff has a 50's and earlier look to it.

    I needed Modern so I dug through the old scrap and parts bins to see what I had to try my hand at building something with a Modern Look to it.

    I started with 1/8" Brass tubing
    my electrical parts box
    Radio shack mini bulbs
    Some light tin from the bottom of a shoestring potato box
    House bell wire (22agw solid)
    A used shick Razor Handle
    JB KWIK Epoxy
    A can of primer grey spray paint.

    I trimmed an Electrical connector and soldered it and a lead wire to the brass rod and another ground wire to the base of the rod using the brass rod as the ground since only 1 wire would fit up the tube.

    I cut a length of the handle from the razor and removed the inside ribbing. I then cut and formed the tin to act as a heat shield/reflector for the bulb.

    I put a bend in the 12" length tubing at around the 9" high mark I twisted the connections to the bulb together , folded them up nice and neat Taped etc and made a second tin cover to snap over the connections.

    I mixed up some JB epoxy and epoxied the razor handle to the electrical connector and the connector to the brass rod smoothing and filling using a wet finger.

    After this dried (around 15 minutes ) I spray painted the entire thing after masking the bulb & reflector.

    When the paint was dry I hooked it up to a 9V battery to test that everything worked as Planned.

  2. Nazgul

    Nazgul Active Member

    great improvising TG:thumb: ...we'll have to start calling you Mcgiver:D Are you putting a base on it?
    By the way...I read your article in the E-mag....great job on that as well (wish I had read it BEFORE I cluttered up my train room)!sign1
  3. Tileguy

    Tileguy Member

    Steve, thanks for commenting...........Yes this will get a base and since it was my first one, ive already decided on a few changes.
    Ive picked up some supplies.. The next will use 3 sizes of brass tube so will taper from bottom to top. It will also have a Brass Base...............I will post the results of the next few here when i get to building them.
    Theres more soldering involved, but i do believe it will look even better in the end :)
  4. Nazgul

    Nazgul Active Member

    I look forward to seeing the next incarnation. Thanks for sharing!:thumb: :thumb:
  5. eightyeightfan1

    eightyeightfan1 Now I'm AMP'd

    That looks good.
    If you can wait....I think the up coming issue of the E-Mag might have an article on how to kitbash those street lights that are attatched to telephone poles.
    How do I know that?......I'm the (Ed)itor......

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