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    To unwind from the first week back in class, I thought I'd give Yogi's Skylab a shot. Also, tonight was the "Tired of Winter Dance" which I did got to this time for a while. Also, I did a quick and dirty repaint on Ton's CSM to more resemble the Skylab CSM and instead of cutting out and gluing the RCS thrusters, Ijust drew them on with a fine sharpie.



  2. Retired_for_now

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    Now that is a great job - ever wonder why no one ever builds it with both "wings" and without the parasol ...? I keep noticing how dark the multiple docking adapter is printing - need to figure out why it comes out darker on the Acrobat document than on the orginal file.

    I love the dorm museum on your desk. Life's all about priorities.

  3. ovation

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    Looks good
    All this talk of SkyLab has given me a bit of insperation to get on and complete mine,Im having a little problem with the main labs solar arrays ie: just how they will fit into the small "box" wing,
    looking at the above pics its all a little clearer,


    JJ-UK :thumb:
  4. Retired_for_now

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    Solar Arrays

    A few views of the "wing." Support beam folds up into a box - the cut-outs allow you to bend the root 90-degrees to attach to the workshop.

    The white side folds underneath (to make the underside) while the tab at its end bends toward the printed side to attach to the back of the support beam (probably doesn't need that extra tab - I added it to keep the array panel from sagging).




    Any other "mysteries?" That is, any you'd rather not have the enjoyment of figuring out.

  5. Dyna-Soar

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    One of these days, perhaps during spring break, I'll try to go over during spring break and snap a few photos of the real thing over at the space center.
  6. ovation

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    Im going to have to put a support through the lab body to hold the arrays on mine,
    Surfdukes model has 3 seperate panels,it would be more simpler to have made 1 instead :thumb:
    It has a piece that glues on the side of the lab and the "box" glues to that,without support it would all fold under its own weight :rolleyes:

    Its the furthest Ive got with my SkyLab,so it is a case of making a few test versions before commiting to the final one :rolleyes::mrgreen:

    Thanks for the inspiration,


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