Simon riding Lagann.. anyone??

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  1. lordbandit

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    damn my portable drive died ... with many things on it.. incluiding my papercraft archive... I'm looking for simon riding lagann (from gurren lagann) can't fin it.. it's a .PDO.. can anyone help me I've alreay looked on google.. thanks anyone.. ;)
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  4. Natious

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  5. lordbandit

    lordbandit New Member

    err thank you natious... but.. that is not the one I'm looking for... that's like the beta papercraft from gurren-lagann... actually it was this one in the pics.. and I've already found it... thanks ;)

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  6. Wanijobo

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    Where did you find that model? I am interested in building it.
  7. Crabfu

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    Didn't see anything in the rules about necro bumping, so I'm sorry but I think it's a lot better than starting a new thread.

    Would anyone (even OP if they are still around) still have the lagann PDO/PDF? I think there would be a bunch of people who would like it
  8. chapsy

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    oh hey, I have that one. gimme a sec...
    here you go :3
    LINK DELETED Please download to the original holder of the file, not to any of the web hosting services. It is up to the designer to do that. The designer has to have given permission for that kind of distribution, if you have that specific permission in your file, let me know via a P.M. Please, Thanks! :)!

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