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    Would anyone have a photo or link to photos of side loading log trucks? I could wing it but then I'd hate it every time I looked at it.
    Thanks in advance.
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    thanks for the response,but no,I can see one of those out my window.
    years{many}ago they used a killer rig with a couple of steel arms that I think were drawn up by cable.lobour intensiv and dangerous.
    There's one in the old movie "Walking Tall",the one with Joe Don Baker.
    I'm doing the local turn down mill that,back in the 50's/60's used an old ten wheel drive army truck with a side loader.
    My late cousin used to drive it and one story is she dropped the rear driveshaft fording the river{try that now}and he laid on his back,in the river,in november to fix it {for ten dollars a day}

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