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Discussion in 'Track Planning' started by kickinhorse1, Feb 25, 2007.

  1. kickinhorse1

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    Has anyone out there had any experience with shelve style benchwork and layouts EX Iain Rice from Modelrailroad Planning 2007.
    THanks August :wave:
  2. toptrain1

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    Shelf style layouts. The original modular layout. Even back in the 50's shelf style layouts were redarded as the best way for apartment dewellers or modelers with limited space to enjoy the hobby. This type layout because of it's size was the most detailed of layouts. The modeler didn't have to worry about the cost of detailing a large layout. He could concentrate on the sean that was in his mind or from his past. Shelf modeling unlike layout modeling needs only a photgraph to get a modler motivated.
  3. toptrain1

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    A follow up; If you look here in the Gague under Gallery, Members categories, scroll down to abutt's Central of New England HO rr. Someone under the handle abutt has some nice photos of what seams to be a shelf or a raparound layout. It is nicely done.
  4. kickinhorse1

    kickinhorse1 New Member


    Thanks I will try that user name
  5. nolatron

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    I'm about to start work on a shelf layout (see 2007 layout link in sig).

    I'm gonna be usign 16.5" shelf standards mounted to the wall studs to support a 15" shelf.
  6. jetrock

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    Shelf layouts can be just about any size. My current layout is 12 feet of shelf layout with a "peninsula" in the middle, but most of the layout is 1 foot deep. The eventual plan will be for the layout to go all the way around an 11x25 foot room, but it will still be a "shelf layout" because it will be, for the most part, only 1-2 feet deep.
    These photos show what I have completed so far: an industrial area and a yard.
    I am working on extension modules on either side of these two. A second yard module will add storage/staging capacity and be double-ended. In the other direction, the next module is a large cannery complex.

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