Seth Godin Talks About What's Wrong With Hobby Stores

Discussion in 'Getting Started' started by Peter T Davis, Mar 7, 2008.

  1. GN.2-6-8-0

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    Remember Jerry's well! along with the antique store across the way,many a happy hour going through both....Well remember the day i walked inand stood looking in the back room at this HUGE ol' locomotive headlight ...took a min. or two to realise it was the same as one as on the front of this avatar....GN.! but it was sooo' Big! in all that time never realised the size of those things lol! no price on it and the next time i was out at Mc cormick it was long gone....Ah' just as well....what the hell would i have done with it? and the wife would have blown a gasket when it wound up in the family room....sign1
  2. Mountain Man

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    You would probably do quite well. As for the Viennese coffee, I think an old fashioned stove, a few rocking chairs and just plain old coffee would be enough to get modelers talking, planning and buying. :cool:

    You make an interesting point about the new owner - his store policy is dictated by his interests, rather than the market.
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    I have read about that one somewhere before, and have been meaning to stop in there. I live too far south though, Plainfield/Joliet area. One of these days when I have business in that area, I will definately stop in. Thanks for the tip. :thumb:
  4. nkp174

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    Perhaps offer alcohol laced coffee, and they'll be more likely to purchase expensive stuff! But it still has to be Viennese coffee beans...even if I serve it like normal coffee! I guess, I'd have to deal with a lot of returns if alcohol was selling my merchandise :mrgreen:
  5. Mountain Man

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    Not if you give them enough! :mrgreen:

    "Honey? Do you know where I got this? Groan....I can't remember..."sign1
  6. nkp174

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    Back towards the topic again...I recall that the majority of Fortune 500 companies are still founder run. The reason is that they really know the business and stick to what they know...rather than bringing in a Harvard MBA whom doesn't know the business and tries to make up for it by diversifying to much.

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