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    I just saw this.. I think it's a shame. I've heard of passengers complaining before, but as it says, management had no idea it was this bad. :( :( :(

    Here's the link (Local TV Station)

    Here is the story:

    Slow SEPTA
    PHILADELPHIA-December 21, 2003 — Waiting for a SEPTA train in the Philadelphia? You're probably not alone. New data shows that SEPTA's regional rail system may be one of the least punctual of any system in the country.

    Since April, trains on the 13 lines kept to their schedules 83 percent of the time on average. That's according to a report in today's Philadelphia Inquirer.

    SEPTA officials say they hadn't known so many trains were chronically late until a new computer system allowed them to monitor the 843 runs each weekday.

    Richard Hanratty, SEPTA's regional rail chief, tells The Inquirer that the rail system hadn't known how bad the problem was.

    Hanratty says SEPTA is now sitting down and looking at how to deal with the problem.

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    Mikey, when following the story, find out what SEPTA considers to be "on time". It can be horrifying to see what latitude is allowed. On the bigger systems, the allowance for on time is increased for the number of days or hours on the road. If a train drops 15 minutes on its first trip and can't make it up for two more trips, does that count as 3 trips late?
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    Dang! Good Question!! I think they consider late as more than 5 minutes at any point. But they count it as "one run" so it could be late for 12 stops out of 20 & it counts as "One Late Run"

    There is a built in 20 Minute layover at "The end of the line", then they reverse & start back in the other direction. In the rush hours - there are 30+ Minute waits. And the evening trains actually go into staging yards for the morning runs.

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