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    announce1 The Narrow Gauge Madness Gang is seeking Exhibitionists! announce1

    announce1 If you are a narrow gauge modeller and you'd like to do a little show and tell let me know. announce1

    We are having contests for various narrow gauge models and layouts, so if you want to win, you have to play.

    We are looking for models, modules, micro/mini layouts and other narrow gauge items to display at the 3rd annual Ontario Narrow Gauge Show in Schomberg Ontario on Saturday April 12, 2008.

    We are also looking for people to help out with the front door and other volunteer positions.

    If you would like to participate in the show, please contact me:

    Ron Wm. Hurlbut <>

    See attached *.pdf file for the show flyer with information, or visit the website: The Third Annual
    Ontario Narrow Gauge Show

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  3. Bones

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    Other than the O guys, I don't see many of us narrow-gaugers around here.

    I can't really claim myself, either. (Nn3) Most of my efforts have been focused on Kato 11-105/6/7 chassis, or B-mann 4-4-0s. Only the 4-4-0 and another 11-105 equipped tender made it farther than the 'tinker' or 'narrow' stage. Oh, nevermind... I forgot, I only narrowed one tender truck on the 4-4-0 before I had to pack it up. Dang... guess that's project number 1.

    Have you tried the HOn3 / HOn30 / Nn3 / Nn2 Yahoo groups?
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    Hi Bones,

    I've put the message out on several Yahoo! Groups and others of our group have done the same.

    We're casting a wide net in order to bring in as many folks as possible.

    But we're happy to make room for more.
  5. Lighthorseman

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    Hey, Tinny - I'd love to take part, but I'm waaaaay out west. Sorry.
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  7. TinGoat

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    Exhibitionists Found!

    Hi Kids,

    I took a load of pictures at the Third Annual Ontario Narrow Gauge Show: Narrow Gauge Show 2008

    You can see them all here at
    Ontario Narrow Gauge Show - 2008 :: Fotopic.Net

    Most of my pictures take in whole mini and micro layouts. They are fairly high resolution so if you click to see the image full size, you can zoom in on the details.

    Dave Woodhead also took a batch of pictures that can be seen on his website:
    Schomberg Narrow Gauge Meet '08 page 1

    Here's Brian Fayle's photos of the event:
    Picasa Web Albums - brian - NGM's Schombe...

    There's some whymsy mixed in with all the excellent narrow gauge modelling.

    A broad range of narrow gauge models with On30 and Gn15 being well represented.


    P.S.: I'll link more pictures when and if they become available.
  9. nachoman

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    Great photos. Out of curiosity, what would you figure the breakdown of scales was? I am in HOn3, and never see much modeling in that scale. These days, I see most activity in On30 and On3.

  10. TinGoat

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    Exhibitionists Found!

    Hi Kevin,

    Hmmm... No HOn3 this year. :cry:

    We've had a Welsh HOn30 layout at a previous show...

    It's mostly On30 and Gn15...

    Here's the breakdown of Exhibitionists:

    6 - On30
    4 - Gn15
    3 - Assorted large scale
    2 - On3
    1 - On2
    2 - 7/8ths
    2 - Gn42
    1 - Sn42
    1 - Sn3

    3 - 1 to 1 ( Representitives from Friends of the E.B.T., Huntsville and Lake of Bays Railway Society and Rod Clarke with his new book "Narrow Gauge Through the Bush" )

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