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Discussion in 'Track Planning' started by DOUBLEJK, Feb 11, 2006.


    DOUBLEJK Member

    I finally got a couple test loops set up but when my loco tries to run thru the switches the overhang on the lead end hits the switch coil on the exit switch?

    The switchs are arranged like this. These are Atlas remote snap switches. I tried placing a 6" straight between the switches and it didn't solve the overhang hitting as it seems to be the short curved piece that is the problem.
    Can I arrange them to give this loco the clearance it needs or do I need different switches?
  2. cidchase

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    Can you use under-the-table switch machines?
  3. babydot94513

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    Try getting rid of the snap switches. As I understand it, not only are the angles on snap switches not prototypical, but also to sharp to handle HO scale. I personally use Peco large turnouts whenever possible and when those will not work I use Peco mediums and yet to have a problem. The equivelent for Atlas is #6 and #4 respectively.


    DOUBLEJK Member

    Both of these are great idea's....Thanks Guy's...
    I did get em to werk tho.....I sure wish I could still see well nebody with good eye's woulda seen it right off.....
    After watching the loco run real slow thru the switches and changin' them around several different ways.....I finally saw that the loco on the cab end was hitting just the manual throw nub and was even throwing the switch against itself......took a dremel with a cutoff wheel to them nubs n now the SD70 clears em with no problem...:D
    My layouts a big nothin' right now just a couple a loops on a sheet a plywood but this is sure fun....heehee got a train runnin' n were not even done buildin' the house yet....yep it's in the new basement....I didn't wanta havta move it so started it in its eventual residin'... Guess I'm hooked...:wave:

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