SD40-2W for CN fans

Discussion in 'N / Z Scale Model Trains' started by jsoflo, Apr 20, 2007.

  1. jsoflo

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    Just wanted to let people know I stumbled across a company planning on making a resin shell for CN SD40-2W's. I have no affiliation with them and don't model CN but I know there are a lot of Canadian modelers on here so if you've got an interest, check them out-- is doing them and taking reservations for those and GP40-2W's and GP9's, lots of custom Canadian stuff (I DO model CP!!). Take care,
  2. beamish

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    I cant get that link to work at all. Are you sure it is correct??
  3. pontiacsforever

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  4. CCT70

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    Guys, be VERY careful with any Canadian "Resin manufacturers". Far too many people have been burned in crooked schemes with a crook by the name of "Sean" who used to go under "Prototype Models" and then after the gig was up, went on to become several other "companies", there have been so many, I have lost count. I'm not saying this is him popping up again, but do your research on ANY resin manufacturer here or in Canada and if you can't find any more info, or something doesn't seem quite right, avoid them.
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    WOW! thanks for the warning. I certainly can't, and won't vouch for anyone I don't know, but I can add only that the website (which is (sorry!)) refers that they are somehow linked in a partnership with Kaslo shops, but it may very well be prudent to check this out through Kaslo!!!
  6. CCT70

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    Kaslo IS a very reputable manufacturer. I have talked to the owner of Kaslo personally and CAN vouch for that company.
  7. train1

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    I concur - I have dealt with Kaslo and have a couple of SD60's and they are a good product.
  8. jbaakko

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    Kaslo is great, CMLW does not sound like that Sean guy, (he's been under 3 names). Sean's most recent, he offered free reserves then dissapeared again. I'm still hoping for that GP39 & GG20B he was going to offer.
  9. galt904

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    CMLW already released a CN GP9Rm a couple years ago, so he's established and reputable.
  10. Operater

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    Kaslo Shops - CMLW.

    Hi Group, April 23rd, 07.
    Monday 18:15 Hrs. M.D.T.

    Just for the Record, I Will Back Kaslo Shops as they Have a GOOD
    Ruputation, I'll Also back CMLW as I have Some N Scale Items on Order.
    CMLW is a Good Company to Deal With as Well. Also Just for The
    Record, Pacific Western Rail in Vancouver is a Silent Partner for Kaslo Shops
    so I Know Both are Very Good Places to Deal With. I Haven't Bought Much
    From kaslo as I Model in "N Scale"train97 and Most of Kaslo is
    HO Quality:cry: so I'll Have to Wait Till Something Comes Out in
    N Scale. Hope Fully Soon.
    Oh Yes I do 85% of My Buisness with Pacific Western Rail so I'm
    Pleased with the Store and the Owner Behind Pacific Western Rail.

    Thanks Group.


    Thanks group

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