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Discussion in 'Track Planning' started by CharlesH., Aug 10, 2004.

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    Here's this little trackplanning issue I don't understand:
    (pardon my ignorance, but...)

    What is a switchback?

    Could anyone post a trackplan with one?

    I'm planning my future layout and I've been curious about this feature.
  2. Switchback

    A swutchback is a set of Spurs requiring the train to go first one way, then the other to reach all the points of a spur. Used a lot in Logging to gain altitude faster (backing a train up a, say 3% gradient spur, then forward further up another 3% radius spur gets you up faster than trying to do it just by straight climbing, in a lot less space. On flatter terrain, its used in industrial areas with limited rail space. They are Used in Model railroads to add interest.

    Heres an Atlas layout with a switchback siding:

  3. CharlesH.

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    Pretty informative, thanks!

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